About Dr. Saul Diaz

Dr Saul Diaz is a medical doctor who is passionate about treating each person as an individual. His aim is to teach his patients how to look after their own health, helping them to live a full and happy life without the burden of illness.

“Very thorough in identifying my problem as well as finding a suitable remedy”.

J. Zackon, patient.

“Great solutions for big problems and small ones too. A great health professional”.

V. Sanchez, patient.

“Dr Saul Diaz is very kind and compassionate too. I highly recommend him”.

A. Iqbal, patient.

Treat the person, not the symptom.

Dr Saul Diaz started a journey that has led to his current medical practice, understanding that every person is different, that illness and disease cannot be explained in general terms but rather by individual and sometimes unique personal circumstances, and that there is not a single path to illness nor to the restoration of health. This is the holistic approach: treat the person, not the symptom. 

After reading the works of Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy, the need to treat each person as a unique whole, rather than a series of symptoms, became clear. His studies also consolidated the idea that physical health, mental health and spiritual health are intimately interconnected and must be considered as equally important in order to be in a state of wellness.

Medical knowledge and treatment tools.

After getting to grips with homeopathy, he developed an interest in Bach Flowers and the philosophy of Dr Edward Bach. He has been continually impressed with the effects that he sees in patients when treatment is complemented with the flower essences.
Dr Saul Diaz then trained in Auricular Acupuncture as a further complementary treatment. He has found this to be extremely effective in treating many health problems, from insomnia, hormonal imbalances and joint pain to depression.

Dr Saul Diaz also trained in Nutritional Therapy as he realized that nutrition is an important foundation for a healthy body as well as for a healthy mind. His nutritional expertise includes also Food Allergies and Intolerances, optimization of cell nutrition and biochemical processes all of which optimise organ, systems and body function. He also includes the use of Fasting, both intermittent and prolonged, in the therapeutic process.
Combining his medical knowledge and these treatment tools, Dr Saul Diaz is not wedded to any particular dogma. He takes account of the whole person (body, mind, and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. He emphasises the therapeutic relationship between himself and his patients, and makes use of all appropriate therapies, both conventional and complementary, and treats his patients in a way that is closer to nature, with one single goal: to promote health through life style changes so the healthy stay healthy, and get the ill back to a healthy state in which he or she can live a happy and fulfilling life. After all, “the greatest medicine of all is to teach people how not to need it”.

“The cure of many diseases is unknown to physicians because they are ignorant of the whole. For the part can never be well unless the whole is well”

How to find Dr Saul Diaz

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Dr Saul Diaz